Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Only My Loss

Upon retiring, the fears creep up inside
And tears me to shreds
Fear of closing my eyes, never to awaken
At times it's so overpowering
My whole body trembles, and nothing
I do will quiet my fear.

I cry and pray that this fear of death
Is not my inner self telling me
My time may be near.
Death has taken away
The central being of my family
The person who was always "Few with words"
And strong with love
My father

I know it's only my loss
I tremble about©


Monday, January 18, 2010

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes As I grasp your hand
Gently turning
Your wrist skywards
Softly I brush
My lower lip against
The inner part of
Your wrist
I look up at you
As you quiver,
I giggle at the
Barometer I have
On and with you.
I gently suck
The pulse I feel
Dracula like
I close my eyes
Feel the heat of
Your pulse
Deep within my body
Exciting me
I open my eyes
I am on my morning bus
          Only thinking of you.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Tethered to an apartment
A home uncertain
Of position
In family
In friendship
In work
In worth

Tethered to the land
Falling stone
Falling water
In change

Tethered to people
In uncomfortable control
With him
With them
With us
In me

Tethered to
Inconsolable winds
I am riding high

Hunting for me.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sun Worship

On a hot tar roof, in mid-morn,
I silently lay spread eagle. As afternoon unveils hot rays,
Which caress my naked body,
I am conscious of his presence.
His rays of light are absorbed
Deep within me, exciting me.
Yet he has not touched me,
He is just growing nearer,
Caressing every inch of my nakedness
Within his warming glow.
I can feel my excitement growing,
As his light penetrates my skin.
Gently fondling my every aspect of being
Causing sweat to blossom at my nape.
Gently I roll, deep within desires of being fulfilled,
As he stood there watching.
Lying on my stomach,
I feel his heat massaging my back,
And flowing to my buttocks,
Setting my entire body afire.
Relaxing after the ecstasy,
I fall into a light slumber.
Holding fast and dreaming of his warmth and excitement.
Awakened quite suddenly, by a cold breeze blowing,
He is gone behind a cloud.
In my not yet shaken off slumber, I do wonder...
If tomorrow I may enjoy,
The light and warmth of his presence,
Or will my day be cloudy and gray, with no sun bathing!©