Monday, January 18, 2010

Close Your Eyes

Close your eyes As I grasp your hand
Gently turning
Your wrist skywards
Softly I brush
My lower lip against
The inner part of
Your wrist
I look up at you
As you quiver,
I giggle at the
Barometer I have
On and with you.
I gently suck
The pulse I feel
Dracula like
I close my eyes
Feel the heat of
Your pulse
Deep within my body
Exciting me
I open my eyes
I am on my morning bus
          Only thinking of you.


  1. hi. followed you from a note you posted on Patricia's farmville poem.

    this photo...the place looks somehow familiar to me. Where is it?

  2. Thanks for the follow!
    This is in Weehawken, NJ the entrance to the Lincoln Tunnel.