Thursday, January 26, 2012

Place you can find me

Listen to me read from my book “Captured Moments” on 
Voxpoeticas 15 minutes of poetry

“Dead Chicken” Mad Rush Magazine 

"Captured Moments" published by Unbound Content  12/20/2011

"Gypsy Road"
"Way Home"
The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry

"Roof Deck" Pigeonbike

 “Exhale of Love”, “Footprints of a Wildfire”, “Roof Deck”

“I Can't Think”  

"According To"

"Dead Chicken"

“Keeping Face For You”

"Beach Reverie" 
Aquillrelle anthology100, book one   ©2011

"New Accident"

"Balancing On Line"

"Write What Touches Me"



“So Does God See” , “Hair”, “Today Tomorrow and Yesterday”, “According To”

"My Alexandria"


"Beach Reverie"

"Exhale of Love"


"Poetry In The Garden"

"Obscure Passing of Echoing Time"

"WTC Winds"

"Sinai Traveler"

"The Artist’s Gift"

"To Be Attached"

"Sun Worship"
 Wings, Vol. 7 No. 1 Fall 1997

"Soaring Deep"
Treasured Poems of America Fall 1996

"Sophie’s Widows"
The Rift 1998

"My Own Wound"
Rhyme and Reason 1996

Rhyme and Reason 1996

"Within without"
Recollections of Yesterday 1996 The National Library of Poetry

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