Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I remember those chairs
Old Parisian men drinking wine
Or dark coffee
I traveled from New York to Belgium
Then a train to Paris
Rocking and rolling along the beautiful
Farmlands and villages between the two locations
All along the way with suite case and
Carrying blue and yellow sneaker roller skates
Over my shoulder
          How I love to roller skate

I traveled with nine other want a be models
All hoping and praying to make it big
Each day was another adventure
All of us going in different directions
From the flat we rented for the month

On one afternoon, I set out in my roller skates
Not knowing the streets of Paris, but yet
Usually having a good sense of direction
I set off to explore the neighborhood

I found myself going around in circles
In front of those chairs in that café,
And on each revolution
The men applauded me
For I was jiggling all over
          Because I was lost on the cobblestones of Paris

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