Sunday, February 14, 2010

Harbor of Love

I leave the black wrought iron gate ajar My signal to you, if you ride by
To bring the sweetness of your love
Into the warmth of my awaiting heart
In the silence of early morn,
You come to me
Bring raw passion,
The longing desire
The fire in lust
Of our eternal love
We embrace, as if years
Have passed since our last encounter
Yet it may be only hours last we touched
Our lovemaking begins slowly, gently
Each counter acting the other's motions
Our animal needs enhancing and intensifying
As our motions quicken
Clawing and biting each other, with unquenchable desires
We collide and expel against one another
You cause me to forget to breathe
As I drown in our love
You spread my arms cross like
Pinning me down, as your rhythm is a constant flow
Making the world stop
We roll, you hold my breasts, then glide to my hips
Always keeping our movements synchronized,
Exactly hitting my internal itch
You pull at my hair as I reach one of many climaxes
Moving together with groans, heavy breathing and sweet sweat
We conclude in a furry of our shared climax
And tumble against the bed
Intertwined, satisfied, content
We dose off within the harbor of each other's arms
Knowing the outside world cannot touch us.  ©

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